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Big Data in the Real World: How  companies use data:

Leading big data companies—those that distinguish, excel, and react to evolving demands faster than competitors—rely on robust broad data systems in today’s,

Saven provides enterprise-grade software, web, mobile, development.

We specialize in coding apps that not only work but can also be scaled quickly, thanks to Swift being the technology of choice for native iOS development.

Your company deserves high-quality test automation services.

While we cannot guarantee 100 percent up-time for your product, we can ensure that our testers will test and check it thoroughly as it is produced. From all sides and angles

Snowflake Data Cloud provides practically limitless performance.

Snowflake Data Cloud is built to power applications with no restrictions on performance, parallelism, or scale

Outsource your business to smartly decrease operational expenses and maximize income.

IT Outsourcing is a strategic way for businesses to tackle traditional software.

Digital marketing for your business

Simply put, digital marketing is for promotion of brands, products or services using internet or electronic devices.It also includes text messages


Solution Delivery Experience

We have experience delivering outcomes for a varied group of clients in a range of industries, ranging from automotive to travel to retail and beyond.

Capital Markets

Saven has built a unique expertise, focused on the global capital markets services industry. Our resource is configured closely around the specific needs and the specialized activity areas of the industry. We offer key "domains" of financial services expertise... Read More

Health Care

Healthcare industry is changing. Consumers are demanding more choices, flexibility with affordability, and better value from Healthcare Insurers, Hospitals, and Pharmacies.These service providers are developing more interactive healthcare plans... Read More

Retail & Distribution

Innovation is driving the retail industry with an ever-increasing need to attract and retain consumers. Significant impact of technology and internet can be seen in this industry with automation of operations such as inventory planning... Read More


Technology has become the ingrained in our daily lives, transforming the way we work, shop, eat, and spend our free time.With only a few simple touches on our smartphones, we can order food... Read More

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Our digital solutions and services assist startups, SMEs, and Fortune 100 companies in empowering people through the use of the appropriate technology at the appropriate moment.


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We collaborate around the world to make a big difference.

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